From March 26th - April 16th, 10 delegates from Ukraine visited Worcester to attend a program on “Tolerance for Diversity: Understanding Diversity and Implications for Policymakers”. The goal of the program was to inform debate in Ukraine through exposure to the values of a contemporary democratic society where women, people with disabilities and gender minorities have equal or expanding opportunities to be included in society and not suffer based on discrimination. Participants of this program included heads of NGOs, professors and lecturers at reputed Ukrainian Universities, as well as new correspondents, all working towards equal rights and law protecting groups including those mentioned above.They attended different seminars on human rights, women’s issues and their challenges, people with disabilities, issues facing LGBT persons (children as well as immigrants) and their families in U.S.A, and also met influential people from different community based services organizations from this area. Additionally, participants  had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the different offices/departments of Clark University and learned how they nurture diversity, tolerance, and inclusion within the school.

The International Center of Worcester is an independent non-profit membership organization located on the Clark University campus that has been welcoming international visitors to Central Massachusetts since 1963. The ICW organizes programs for participants in governmental and non-governmental professional exchange programs. The International Center promotes “Citizen Diplomacy" by giving its members opportunities for personal contact with visitors from around the world. The ICW is part of a nationwide network of organizations that are members of Global Ties U.S. in Washington, D.C. It is also the home of the Worcester-Pushkin (Russia) Sister City Project. ICW’s mission is to encourage mutual understanding and friendship between residents of Central Massachusetts, the international community and international visitors.

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